About my career work: For over a decade, I have directed Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs in leading consumer product manufacturing facilities continuing to reduce injuries and environmental impact while increasing growth, production and profitability.

Winner of National Awards for Environmental, Health and Safety Efforts
Winner of National Awards for Environmental, Health and Safety Efforts

My diverse experiences include EHS consulting for chemical/industrial/manufacturing, consumer product safety, business sustainability, corporate liaison and waste to energy. My unique skills include vast knowledge of computer information systems, Internet/Intranet Security, facility risk mitigation and worker protection.

I have worked with organizations and individuals that support my programs and have never had a serious injury, incident or violation under my direction. By working together… our lives are safer, healthier and more secure to enjoy the environment and communities we help to preserve.

I am proficient in the following specialty areas 

  • Management and compliance of overall facility, environmental, health, safety and security programs
  • Compliance reporting and permitting in regards to all regulations that apply to small to large industrial manufacturing companies
  • Development, administration and auditing of corporate and client training programs including ISO9001QES and ISO14000 EMS
  • Corporate management training at all levels for on EHS and corporate programs
  • Successful career of achieving higher levels of quality, safety and performance while reducing costs
  • Consulting for client and government environmental, health and safety issues
  • Instructing academic and industrial group courses on various regulatory management topics
  • Corporate budgeting for both department and facility needs
  • Consumer product safety, laws and regulations including, labels, packaging and international shipping
  • Emergency management and response for hazardous chemical and major incidents
  • Training and field supervision on HAZOP sites
  • EPA Risk assessments and Risk Management Planning (RMP)
  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • MSDS creation, management and reporting
  • Sustainable business and corporate continuation planning
  • Recycling, disposal and reuse of manufacturing, consumer, industrial and commercial material
  • Operation of plant automation, control and chemical storage systems (Including UST & AST)
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